Plesk vhost--Hosting with Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a control panel that facilitates the installation and management of all the tools needed for efficient vhosts hosting. Plesk has been labeled as the most stable and effective control panels for Windows-based hosting, Plesk is a popular control panel for those who are a bit more experienced with vhosts hosting and server administration. The general consensus on Plesk is that it is powerful and flexible but requires a bit more know-how to use than Cpanel or Direct Admin.

Plesk vhost offers easy management and administration for your website. It gives you the ability to create domains and sub-domains, produce dynamic content with comprehensive web building tools, maintain MSSQL databases and configure SSL certificates to protect your online transactions, Plesk is a multi-faceted, feature packed, all-in-one web administration tool. The Plesk vhost web control panel involves a graphic user interface which acts as headquarters for all functions of web administration. Features include subdomain management, web based file management, site backups, and FTP account management. MySQL databases can be managed with ease using Plesk as well as Reseller management. A Linux web server utilizing a combination of Plesk, MySQL or PostgreSQL, and the multitude of other features included with our shared vhost packages give our clients a potential rich hosting environment to develop at their discretion.

The Plesk vhost control panel gives you the benefit of managing and creating your site with the File Manager or Microsoft FrontPage. You can also monitor the usage of bandwidth and view the statistics of your website.

The Plesk control panel provides an automated vhosts hosting platform. It reduces costs in regard to operating and resources by automating a significant amount of important tasks.

Plesk essentially has four levels of logins, each of which have their own responsibilities. Here is an overview of their functions:

Domain Owner: The third level login is a domain owner. This account allows predetermined permissions for single domain administration.

Administrator: Administrator is considered to the be the highest of server-level login. It allows website administrators to configure and manage system content. Plesk enables multiple servers to be centrally managed with the administrator level login.

Mail User: The last level of server login is for individual mail accounts. It allows users to log into their own private area where passwords, spam filters and anti-virus features can be managed.

Client: This is the second level login account. The client level allows users to obtain domain creation rights from system administrators.

The Plesk control panel is well suited for a professional vhosts hosting environment, and is known to be the perfect solution for efficient server management. This software was designed with stability and security in mind, making it one of the most reliable control panels available today. Plesk is capable of supporting hundreds to thousands of accounts on a single server, adding great value to your online business.

Plesk vhost is the preferred control panel option for many clients hosting in the Windows environment. Whether you're starting up with a small company or transferring your established business to the web, Plesk provides all the features needed for the success of your website...

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