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In general, the website hosts providers may be provide the following types of hosting services

Minimal shared hosts services: Minimal shared hosts services provide very little storage space and bandwidth. Such services come with limited features, often with no support for PHP, multiple email addresses or web statistics. While this might be adequate for a maverick teenagera's personal web page, minimal shared hosts services are not suitable for any kind of serious website activity.

Unmanaged dedicated hosts servers: This hosts serves the need for large storage capacity and hosts bandwidth. A dedicated server does not limit the number of databases and email addresses that can be created. the hosts Bandwidth is much greater and users are typically allotted 500-1000GB per month. Users needing extra storage space may have to order a new hard drive for their hosts server.

Shared hosts services: These are the most popular vhostss in the market, and can be compared to a high rise apartment. Nearly all small and medium businesses need only a small part of the resources of a vhostss server. Using this type of hosts service allows users to share the cost of a fast internet connection, pretty much like how tenants in the apartment share costs of maintenance and overheads. It also supports all types of features such as PHP or ASP, MySQL, multiple email addresses, large storage hosts space and high hosts bandwidth. There is however, the threat of lower security due to the number of other clients on the same server. There is also a limitation in the number of email addresses, databases and domains that can be supported, similar to the shortage of parking spaces in the apartment building.

Managed dedicated hosts servers: Managed hosts provides varied facilities at a wide range of prices depending on the required level of security, reliability and support.

Users are well advised to thoroughly research the internet or inquire from trusted associates before choosing a managed dedicated vhostss or entering into a long term contract with one hosts. If you ever need to decide on a vhostss, pay careful attention to the unique needs of your business. Different websites need different solutions, depending upon factors such as the need for reliability, security and the volume of data management. Careful research is necessary before identifying a vendor.

best 3 Business vhostss:

1, Fatcow hosts: Fatcow hosts is the best vhosts hosting service and vhost provider, fatcow makes it easy for novices to get started with free... Fatcow hosts is now $3.67 per month only! FatCow hosts takes a simpler, more customer friendly approach and focuses on delivering the best value and customer hosts service experience in vhosts to the small business user. Read More about fatcow...

2, webhostingpad hosts :webhostingpad hosts is a steal at $1.99 per month ! webhostingpad hosts plan includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SQL databases, unlimited FTP and email accounts, plus unlimited hosted domains, parked domains and subdomains...Read More about webhostingpad...

3, Coolhandle hosts:Coolhandle hosts is one of the Best vhostss web plan and best vhost service providers! All the Coolhandle hosts packaged surprisingly for just $7.95per month.. also, There is a system of proactive intervention to ensure systems run smoothly at all times... Read More about coolhandle...

4, Ipage hosts: iPage web hosts offers include unlimited disk space and bandwidthand, unlimited email, and MySQL databases, FREE domain name for life, site building tools, free online store, and Google & Yahoo! marketing coupons, free setup plus instant activation all for $3.50 per month! ...Read More about ipage...

5,myhosting hosts: Gat vhosts has an impressive 99.99 percent SLA/Uptime rating with all of its vhosts hosting Server packages. myhosting’s use of multiple data centers with an array of servers to host a single site helps ensure uptime for customers...Even more astonishing is that they are able to do this for as little as $4.98 per month...Read More about myhosting...

6, ixwebhosting hosts: ixwebhosting offers three vhost hosting plans for both beginners and expert of business users. All of the plans include unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, domains and subdomains. These three hosts plans are the Business Plus, Unlimited Pro and the Expert Plan...Expert starts at $3.95 per month...Read More about ixwebhosting...

7, Godaddy host: GoDaddy hosts is the world's largest domain name registrar and is the flagship company of The Go Daddy Group, Inc. GoDaddy hosts offer more than just domain names... The most affordable Best vhosts plan is suited for personal users and starts out at just $3.99 per month...Read More about godaddy...

8,1and1 hosts: 1and1 hosts is the dominant hosts companies in the UK and Europe. And they launched their US division in 2003 to serve customers directly in North America...The beginner's plan from 1and1 hosts is only $3.49 per month...Read More about 1and1...

9, Inmotion hosts: Inmotion hosts offer a full range of hosts, they use the best technology, and they have great support over 24/7 phone, chat, or email...Read More about inmotion...

10, Greenvillehost: GreenvilleHost is jumping aboard with the industry leaders to provide 100% green best vhost. The best part is that GreenvilleHost is providing green hosts...Olny 2.95/mo, it is amazing that their comprehensive hosts plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth...Read More about greenvillehost...

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  • 1
  • godaddy hosting
  • $6.99
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    125+ Free Applications
    Site Backup & Restore
    24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
    Free domain with annual plan
  • 9.9
  • visit site
  • 2
  • ipage hosting
  • $12.95
  • Unlimited storage space
    Free Domain for 1 Year
    $500 Free Advertising Credits
    Unlimited domain names allowed
    Access to online marketing guides
  • 9.8
  • visit site
  • 3
  • ehost hosting
  • $5.55
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
    Step by Step Tutorials
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    45 day Money-Back Guarantee
    Unlimited Domains
  • 9.8
  • visit site

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