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What Is Fantastico?

Netenberg is the inventor of Fantastico Deluxe, formerly Cpanelthemes network is a division of kosmopolis Inc. LLC located in Wilmington Delaware. They have succeeded in creating one of the most widely used auto installers on the web with over one million users worldwide.

Fantastico is an easy-to-use tool, which facilitates the installation of many Open Source applications on vhosts hosting accounts. Currently with Fantastico a webmaster can easily install a large number of CMS, shopping carts, galleries, blogs, forums, and more, Fantastico vhost is ideal for developers who use Fantastico, powerful software for cPanel that creates various add-on scripts. As all scripts can be setup with a couple clicks of the mouse, Fantastico vhost is a dynamic tool even for novices. Installing scripts has never been easier.

Fantastico Deluxe is a web application included free by many web vhost providers. It contains a collection,library of scripts. Fantastico vhost will auto install the script of your choice on demand. The task of Installing Content Managers like Word press, Mambo, Joomla, Drupal,and Xoops can be reduced to a few minutes. Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to upload 100's of files through an ftp client taking 20 Minutes or more. If you use picture galleries then you will quickly take advantage of Coppermine a full feature photo gallery written in PHP and included with Fantastico

Fantastico vhost is one of the most popular vhosts hosting script libraries for two reasons. First the Fantastico scrutinized all of the scripts that are entered into the script library to make sure that they run correctly, that there are no bugs with the scripts and that the scripts will not put any undue strain on the server for which they are on; The second reason is that Fantastico script library is included with all cPanel web site hosting control panels and cPanel is the dominate control panel in the vhosts hosting industry today.

The Fantastico dashboard is divided into sections with each section having its own category and collection of scripts.

The Primary categories are:

1. Blogs
2. Content Management
3. Frequently asked questions
4. Billing
5. Image Galleries
6. Polls and Surveys
7. Customer Relationship (chat, support services and help services)
8. Wiki
9. Other Scripts
10. Ecommerce (shopping carts)
11. Discussion Boards
12. Project Management

Fantastico script library:

Blogging script templates: Wordpress, B2Evolution and Nucleus, of these three Wordpress and B2Evolution are the most popular by far and they are very easy to use and they both offer different templates so you can customize the themes of the templates to match what your web site blog will want to look like.

Content management systems: Joomla, PHP-Nuke, SiteFrame and Xoops, of all these four content management systems Joomla is by far the most popular and easiest to use to get a fully functional web site up & running, it is similar to a blog but far exceeds blogging software in what you can do with it.

Other Fantastico scripts include: customer relationship software, Help Center Live, PHP Support Tickets, OSTicket and Support Login Helpdesk.

In Fantastico there is a list of the most popular and widely used open source software. With just a few clicks of the mouse any of the applications can be installed and set up on a web site. Fantastico sets up the database for the application where needed. Fantastico is one of the most popular 3rd party add-ons that can be purchased and added to cPanel. Fantastico is probably one of the most advanced script installers we've ever seen. Currently it can install a large amount and array of scripts, ranging from bulletin boards to content management systems. Fantastico comes FREE with each SiteGround vhost web account

Fantastico vhost is a new innovation in vhosts hosting that can make a person who has little knowledge about website building an expert webmaster. With so many web vhost provider out there, companies are trying to stand out by providing outstanding service.

Using a Cpanel Fantastico vhost account, Fantastico vhost allows auto installation of various sources content and user management. So there is no need for complicated process of creating database to install scripts. This is much faster compared to Wordpress where files need to be uploaded first, create a database and table and then run the script. For Fantastico, users only need to choose and click. The Wordpress blog will be generate in an instant. Therefore, it saves a lot of time. That is why Fantastico is very useful for a newbie who is trying to build his dream website but have zero knowledge of vhosts hosting or website building. Fantastico vhost also provides shopping cart, e-commerce and billing option besides content management. This is very convenient even to expert webmasters

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